Horsing Around with Costumes

I stumbled onto these horse costume photos by MiniLover08 on DeviantArt. This gal owns several horses and competes in many events. If you love horses, be sure to check out her gallery!

Okay so what do we have here? Obviously a stylish poodle costume, and St. Patrick’s Day… but what’s this third costume, can anyone help?

I’m not the best at geography. At first I wanted to say Native American costume, but I don’t think that’s right. Or is it South American? Peruvian? Mongolian?

If someone can identify the third costume (below), that would be great!

[via MiniLover08]

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6 Responses to Horsing Around with Costumes

  1. Myrtille says:

    I think that it is a peruvian costume with the horse disguised in a lama. Great idea!

  2. manny says:

    Cool, thanks, Myrtille!

  3. Laura E. says:

    That was my thought too… with that faux forelock, it appears to be an alpaca.

  4. Sarah Schaaf and Patrick says:

    Hey, I’m that gal, and that’s my baby boy- Patrick! He is dressed as a llama, and I got my dress in peru, actually. 🙂 VERY good.. and thank you SO much for sharing this with everyone! You can visit Patrick’s facebook here:

  5. Sarah ( again) says:

    YOu may also enjoy seeing his Buffalo costume- which can be seen on his fb

  6. manny says:

    Awesome! Thanks for dropping by, Sarah. That’s quite a horse you have there. I will check out Patrick’s buffalo costume, for sure.

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