Amazing Terminator Costume from Recycled Parts

I received an awesome email from Brooklyn’s finest costumer, Peter Kokis. He makes awesome costumes out of everyday household items, and you may recall his Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Transformers costumes which I’ve posted in the past.

Peter’s back with this incredible T-800 endoskeleton, made mostly out of bathroom hardware. So cool!

Please do visit to view all the photos. Great job, Peter!

I’ve completed my latest exoskeleton, a depiction of the iconic T-800 endoskeleton that I call “Brooklyn Terminator”. As with my Brooklyn Optimus Prime and Brooklyn Bumblebee, he’s made from ordinary and readily-available household, hardware, & discount store items. Nothing special. Actually, bathroom stuff (toilet paper holders, toilet seat hardware, toilet tank hardware, potty trainer seat) make up a lot of him. He took 300 hours to build and weighs 120 lbs.

[via Photos by Eileen Zolkos.]

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