Parrot in a Bee Costume

Aww, cute, it’s a pigeon parrot in a bee costume!

I wonder if this is some kind of hamster costume, or something. You can see it has holes for little arms. LOL, very nice photo!

[via SRSLYcute]

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3 Responses to Parrot in a Bee Costume

  1. Polly says:

    That sure looks like a Parrot and not a Pigeon.

  2. manny says:

    I think you may be right, Polly. The website I saw it on said pigeon, but that really looks like a parrot beak. Good call!

  3. Livy says:

    That IS a parrot. You can tell because it has a hookbill, and have 4 toes. Pigeons are MUCH different. I know because I have a parrot.

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