Awesome Halo Grunt Costume

Check this very impressive Grunt costume from Halo. Deviant Artist NovemberAdam made this costume for his son. So cool. Apparently he’s not quite done, but getting very close!

So here is some more WIP on the grunt costume for my son. Its been a productive weekend. I added more detail to the face, and coloured the limbs and torso. Now I just have to add the craft foam for the armour, and paint it up!

[via NovemberAdam]

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2 Responses to Awesome Halo Grunt Costume

  1. November Adam says:

    Hey thanks for posting the pics of my work in progress costume. 🙂

    I’ve finished this bad boy up now, so feel free to take a peek of it. 🙂

  2. Burke Vader says:

    Hey there friend….we have created a Halo film recently on youtube called “Halo Desolation” with real marines as stars and a super legit Masterchief. Look it up if you get a chance. For the sequal we need someone with a grunt costume and would love to talk. If interested email me at THANKS

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