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Horsing Around with Costumes

I stumbled onto these horse costume photos by MiniLover08 on DeviantArt. This gal owns several horses and competes in many events. If you love horses, be sure to check out her gallery!

Okay so what do we have here? Obviously a stylish poodle costume, and St. Patrick’s Day… but what’s this third costume, can anyone help?

I’m not the best at geography. At first I wanted to say Native American costume, but I don’t think that’s right. Or is it South American? Peruvian? Mongolian?

If someone can identify the third costume (below), that would be great!

[via MiniLover08]

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Star Wars VW Parody

Greenpeace has made a couple Star Wars videos, parodying the popular Little Darth Vader commercial VW ran during the Super Bowl.

It’s funny, I must say. You can’t deny that all the dancing kids in the second video are adorable. All the costumes are awesome, though I’m not entirely sure about the little Chewbacca.

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Amazing Terminator Costume from Recycled Parts

I received an awesome email from Brooklyn’s finest costumer, Peter Kokis. He makes awesome costumes out of everyday household items, and you may recall his Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Transformers costumes which I’ve posted in the past.

Peter’s back with this incredible T-800 endoskeleton, made mostly out of bathroom hardware. So cool!

Please do visit to view all the photos. Great job, Peter!

I’ve completed my latest exoskeleton, a depiction of the iconic T-800 endoskeleton that I call “Brooklyn Terminator”. As with my Brooklyn Optimus Prime and Brooklyn Bumblebee, he’s made from ordinary and readily-available household, hardware, & discount store items. Nothing special. Actually, bathroom stuff (toilet paper holders, toilet seat hardware, toilet tank hardware, potty trainer seat) make up a lot of him. He took 300 hours to build and weighs 120 lbs.

[via Photos by Eileen Zolkos.]

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‘Gone with the Wind’ 75th Anniversary

The Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of the movie. They had a costume contest, and Scarlett O’Hara look-alike contest… sounds like fun!

This woman on the left won first place. She does indeed look like the original Scarlett (on right).

For the full story and more photos, you can visit Costume Craze’s blog.

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Robot Unicorn Costume

Vayren on Reddit made a cool Robot Unicorn costume, based off the popular online game. Players pilot a unicorn as it flies through the skies, doesn’t that sound fun? The game started on, then eventually moved to the iPhone and Facebook as well.

I’m glad someone made a costume, it was about time.

[via Reddit]

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Mexico City World Smurfs Day

The Smurfs comes out next month, and the advertisers are out in full force.

Promoters recently organized a huge World Smurfs Day in Mexico City. They set the record for the most Smurfs costumes in one place. Hmm, I wonder if these guys are crying and getting blue makeup everywhere.

In order to be counted, people had to be painted blue, and be wearing the Smurf hat, blue shirt, white pants and shoes.


Update: Apparently the record wasn’t set in Mexico City alone. This was a team effort of 4,891 fans from 11 different cities, sponsored by Sony.

[Photos via BoingBoing]

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Accidental Captain America Costume (Commercial)

I have to hand it to Dunkin’ Donuts for making this good commercial.

When a naughty dog wreaks havoc on a construction site, it takes a hero to save the day! And then a drink to quench your thirst… or something like that.

Hah, I love the concept of the accidental costume. If you act like a hero, you start looking like one.

[via Topless Robot]

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Singing ThunderCats Theme in Panthro Costume

Last night, Jimmy Fallon had a special appearance by Panthro! He wore a tuxedo and sang the ThunderCats theme. HOoooooo!

This definitely put a smile on my face, Jimmy Fallon cracks me up sometimes. Oh, and this is a Hulu video, so I don’t think it will work outside the U.S. Sorry about that!

[via Super Punch]

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