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Head in a Jar Costume

This awesome Head-in-a-Jar costume was made by Marque Cornblatt, and he’s seen walking around the Maker Faire 2011. Quite the costume!

But it’s more than just a head in a jar. Much more. This costume comes with a complete zombie story, and the floating head may hold the key to curing the zombie outbreak!

According to the “handler” the head was discovered by a CDC cleanup crew after a zombie outbreak near detroit, moaning and gnashing long after it was separated from the body. Quick-thinking personnel placed the head in a slurry of plasma, protein supplement and a top-secret organic antifreeze agent.

The head has been maintained in this state of animation for several weeks with no apparent degradation or decomposition. A hopeful CDC spokesperson was quoted as stating that this breakthrough may be the first step to understanding or even curing the zombie outbreak.

[via BoingBoing]

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Klingon in a Business Suit

A well-mannered Klingon in a business suit gives us a lesson on speaking Klingon. Very helpful! Saying “What do you want?” is much better than saying “Hello.”

This is made by Infinite Space, a free Star Trek game you can play with your browser. Thanks to B. for the tip!

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The Skateboarding Cow Lady

This awesome lady dresses in a cow costume and loves skateboarding. Her name is Barb Odanaka — she writes children’s books and visits schools to inspire kids to read and write through her love of skateboarding. So creative!

Looking for a fun, inspiring speaker for a school assembly or community event? Someone who delights with storytelling and skateboard tricks? Someone to ignite the spark to read and write?

My lively presentations–as “Skateboard Mom” and “Skateboard Cow”–are a hit with all ages. I combine my love for books with my passion for skateboarding—educating while entertaining.

[via Skateboard Cow]

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Cardboard Tank Costume for Dogs

Check out this sweet tank dog costume. Heh, it’s awesome what you can make with only cardboard and tape.

What a cute puppy!

[via Reddit]

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Another Star Wars Wedding

Offbeat Bride has a great write up of an amazing Star Wars weddng. Everyone wore amazing costumes, her dad dressed up as Obiwan, and they ate Jabba cake.

The photos are really great. Read more about it at Offbeat Bride.

We had a full Star Wars-themed wedding. The 501st legion acted as a guard of honour and raised $1000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. I bought an R2-D2 projector that acted as ring bearer, we had a Jabba the Hutt wedding cake, I painted planets from the Star Wars Galaxy for all the tables, and all the guests dressed up in Star Wars attire.

[Offbeat Bride via TheMarySue]

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Where Have All the Hats Gone?

Reddit user ainsmart asks a great question…

“Men, why did we stop wearing hats?”

Does anybody know the answer?

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Babysitting in an Alien Costume

What a responsible baby sitter, putting the child to bed.

LOL, I think if my babysitter had worn a scary costume, I would have been much better behaved.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Star Belly Sneetch Costume

Here’s a cute Dr. Seuss Sneetch costume. Yes, it has stars upon thars!

When the Star-Belly children went out to play ball,
Could a Plain Belly get in the game? Not at all.
You only could play if your bellies had stars
And the Plain-Belly children had none upon thars.

[Photo via Costume Works]

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