Where Have All the Hats Gone?
May 24, 2011 fashion

Reddit user ainsmart asks a great question…

“Men, why did we stop wearing hats?”

Does anybody know the answer?

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  1. People have said it was the result of Kennedy not wearing a hat at his inauguration, however I have also heard that he was actually wearing one? Perhaps he wore it to the event, but not whilst speaking. I do however think that the baby boom generation had a lot to do with it. Post war children dominated culture, as the country had such a large youth population. They grew up wearing ballcaps. As they grew older, they continued to wear ball caps, or nothing at all. With such a populous generation it would be hard to deny their actions…

  2. I am not sure, but my claustrophobia is kicking in just looking at this photo!

  3. I still wear hats but they should be more commonly worn by everyone.

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