Kids Star Wars Musical

What’s better than cute little kids singing and dancing in Star Wars costumes? A documentary about these cute little kids.

Tim Larson raised money on KickStarter so he could make this documentary, and it looks really good. There are a ton of preview clips on his YouTube channel.

I must say, the Chewbacca costume cracks me up! Can’t wait to see this!

But not so long ago, in a city not too far away, a small band of rebels struggled to stage their musical interpretation of one of the greatest movies ever made : Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. And this is their journey…

In 2009, students of all walks of life at the Arts & Learning Children’s Conservatory in Anaheim, CA set out to produce their own live musical parody version of The Empire Strikes Back, as interpreted through their young talents. Follow the young actors, artists, musicians (and a few supervising adults) as they audition, rehearse and perform their take on this classic film, released some twenty years before most of the actors were even born!

[KickStarter via USA Today]

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