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Ms. Marvel on her Day Off

This is a charming video of a regular day in the life of Ms. Marvel. It’s her day off, so it’s time to catch up on the laundry and other ordinary errands. There is a touch of sadness to her, as she goes about her business — in full costume, I might add. This is very well done!

Made by a group of Avengers fans who have a little web series called Avengers Assemble. Be sure to check it out!

[via Topless Robot]

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Capes for Children or Chimpanzees

DiscoveryDenim sells superhero capes on Etsy. Not sure what’s going on with this guy and his chimpanzee, as the item for sale is a black and silver pirate cape (not blue and red as shown).

The seller probably used this photo for the same reason I’m posting it… because it’s AWESOME.

[via Etsy]

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Cycling Scout Trooper

Star Wars fan JulesCrafter is the proud owner of a new Scout Trooper costume that he made himself. Very nice!

He’s riding around on a bike, like a Scout Trooper should. Inspired by Danny Choo’s dancing stormtrooper, Jules is dedicated to making public appearances in costume. This is a man with a mission… Good luck, Jules!

I finally managed to have my homemade scout trooper armor and I will continue making video wearing biker scout costume like this on public places.

I made that scout armor with PVC plastic sheet constructed with pepakura style templates, that you can download it at my site. The helmet templates is still on progress, meanwhile I used a modified Rubbies helmet. Boots, I made it myself too with a pair of hiking shoe and synthetic white leather by following tutorials I found on the net.

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Playing in a Horse Costume

Usually it’s quite insulting to tell a woman she looks like a horse. But I have a feeling these ladies wouldn’t mind.

This is perfectly normal, nothing strange about this at all. What?

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Easter Bunny Masks

Did everyone have a happy Easter?

LOL, looks like this family had a good time with bunny masks. Nope, nothing creepy about this at all.

This was posted by JohnnyQwest on Reddit, who writes:

“I think my family accidentally invented a new horror film franchise this Easter.”

Get ready for Bunny Face! Sounds pretty scary, I’d definitely watch that.

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Costume Review of Thor Movie

Courtney Coombs was able to see Thor last week, and she was kind enough to drop me a note about the movie costumes.

This is a spoiler-free review, but you may want to skip this post until after you’ve seen Thor.

Thanks, Courtney!

I saw Thor on Thursday (originally called Thor’s day, little bit of trivia there)… OMFGNESS IT WAS SO AWESOME!1!!1

But focusing on the costumes, originally the designs didn’t appeal to me. They looked like biker action figures. But you barely get a glimpse of Thor’s leather pants and shoes on-screen anyway.

The costumes are weird, but in a good way. It’s sort of like what you’d expect Norse gods to look like today. Their clothing have become more complex. There’s still throwbacks to previous eras, Viking jewellery, helmets, fur and tooled leather. Tudorian slashing and paning in sleeves.

The chainmail is actually woven strands of silver fabric, possibly vinyl, which I thought was quite clever.

The rubber armour gives the Asgardians’ costumes an unearthly look, they are moulded yet look like leather and metal. It doesn’t look too cartoony or ultra-clean which is always the risk. Lighting can play a part in that.

In the comics, Thor’s cape swoops up and back in a strange fashion, the costume designers were faithful enough to give it a go and it works. It’s gathered under the shoulder armour then I assume plastic was inserted underneath the cape to raise it off the shoulders slightly.

As for the film as a whole, I think this is the most fun I’ve had watching a Marvel movie. It’s about two hours long but I didn’t even notice.

It’s got humour, it’s got action and Lord of the Rings-esque battle scenes. It’s quite faithful to both the comics and the mythology and I’d easily watch it again and again. It doesn’t hurt that the lead actor is ‘ridiculously good looking’ as Zoolander would say.
— Courtney Coombs

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Superhero Costume Tailer

This is video is awesome, so full of costume goodness. DC created a superhero tailer shop in the “real world” to promote their DC Universe Online. The big emphasis is on the custom superhero costumes you can make in the game, and you can also choose your own powers.

Sounds like a blast! I love the old-timey look of this video it feels so authentic. Sign me up!

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Birthday Party Costume Song

If you’re feeling a bit low, this costume song is sure to cheer you up!

I stumbled upon this music video by SuperJoe. His website is full of songs and cartoons, and he’s “Saving the world, one song at a time.”

He wrote a song about having a costume party. Sounds good to me! SuperJoe sounds like a good guy. He promises to wear a costume to every birthday party from now on, and offers random birthday wishes.

Way to go, SuperJoe!

From the YouTube description:

How come I have to wait all year until Halloween to wear my costume?? Well from now on I am going to wear a costume to every Birthday Party!! So…………HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone who is celebrating their birthday!!!

[via – Warning: loads audio automatically]

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