Man in Cow Costume Steals Milk

A man in a cow costume was arrested for stealing 26 gallons of milk from a Virginia Walmart. According to the report, he actually crawled into the store on his hands and knees.

After standing, he loaded about $92 worth of milk into a shopping cart and simply rolled the cart out of the without paying, police have confirmed to NBC Washington. He then attempted to give the milk away outside the store, and tried to flee the scene by skipping away, police said.

The only thing more bizarre than this story is this news report below. Check it out, it’s seriously one of the most ridiculous news features I’ve ever seen.

[via NBC Washington]

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2 Responses to Man in Cow Costume Steals Milk

  1. Ben says:

    I was anticipated you taking about this story ever since I first read about it yesterday.

  2. Laura E. says:

    It sounds like somebody’s been watching too many Remy Gallard videos.

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