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Man in Cow Costume Steals Milk

A man in a cow costume was arrested for stealing 26 gallons of milk from a Virginia Walmart. According to the report, he actually crawled into the store on his hands and knees.

After standing, he loaded about $92 worth of milk into a shopping cart and simply rolled the cart out of the without paying, police have confirmed to NBC Washington. He then attempted to give the milk away outside the store, and tried to flee the scene by skipping away, police said.

The only thing more bizarre than this story is this news report below. Check it out, it’s seriously one of the most ridiculous news features I’ve ever seen.

[via NBC Washington]

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Three Amigos 25-Year Reunion

Martin Short, Steve Martin and Chevy Chase reunite to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of “The Three Amigos.” They do a fancy photo shoot in the new issue of Empire Magazine.

Wow, 25 years. These guys look great, how fun. Maybe this attention will renew a desire for a sequel? That could be so funny!

Here’s some Three Amigos cosplay for good measure.

Wherever there is injustice, you will find us.
Wherever there is suffering, we’ll be there.
Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find…
The Three Amigos!














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Sauna Pants?

Sauna pants? What will they think of next?

These are supposed to be for weight loss, but I don’t know. I’m going out on a limb to say this is a really bad idea.

These pants are actually listed on Amazon, but are currently unavailable for purchase.

Enjoy the benefits of traditional heat sauna from the comfort of your own home. In just minutes, it will make you sweat in the areas you need it most–the abdomen, waist, back and hips! Just wrap on the pants and lay down for an easy sauna treatment. With adjustable temperature control and Velcro waist and legs.

[via TDW Geeks]

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Monkey Tail Beards

Apparently some men are taking fashion by the razor and starting a new trend… Monkey Tail Beards?

It’s a stripey swoosh across half your face. Hmm, I’m not sure what to think. I’ve never seen this in Real Life, but you can view lots of photos (and submit your own) on


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Monkeys in Masks

Cute, yet creepy: Monkeys in masks perform on the streets of Indonesia. Known as Topeng Monyet (Monkey Mask), these little guys can earn their owners $10 a day.

BoingBoing has a gallery with more photos, with a bit of discussion regarding the concerns of many animal rights activists. It’s a good read, you should check it out!


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Police Dress in Doctor Costumes, Trick Citizens

Funny Doctor Costume

Here’s a bit of odd news: Undercover police in Turkey dressed up as doctors, wearing white lab coats and stethoscopes, in order to test their citizens.

They knocked on doors and asked people to take fake “blood pressure” pills. According to this report, the police grew quite alarmed when 86 out of 100 people swallowed the pills without question.

Police later returned to warn residents to be more cautious. The police pills were harmless placebos. But a local gang had been using the same technique to give people heavy sedatives and then burgle them.

This just goes to show the power of costumes. Those sneaky burglars, what a dirty trick!

[via Reuters]

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How to Make a Bender Costume from Futurama

I like this Bender costume from Futurama. The shiny metal robot looks fine in a tuxedo, though he might get mistaken for a penguin. 🙂

This was made by Redditor KillbotJosiah. He even sketched a diagram of the costume, showing how he put it together. Very well done!

[via KillbotJosiah on Reddit]

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Incredible Mortal Kombat Group Cosplay

This brilliant group of Mortal Kombat cosplayers attended the recent Megacon 2011. Don’t they look incredible? You can click on the picture to view full size.

This shot was taken by photographer Morataya, check out his amazing work, it’s quite impressive.

[via Morataya on DeviantArt]

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