Myuria Cosplay from Star Ocean 4

I have a special post for you today! Catherine, the owner of Gods Save the Queen Fashions sent in her incredible cosplay photos along with a detailed write-up of how she made the costume.

Catherine and Fevereon teamed up to make this stunning Myuria costume from Star Ocean 4. Absolutely gorgeous work!

Big thanks to Catherine for the great write-up. We always enjoy posting her great costumes.

Here is Catherine’s description of her latest masterpiece. Enjoy!

This was a special project as I got to collaborate with an amazing local prop maker, Fevereon. While I handled all the leather and fabric parts, she did all the sculpted parts on the costume. Here is a detailed breakdown of everything from top to bottom.

Fevereon handled the circlet. The bands are sintra that were painted silver. The magenta gem and surrounding silver bevel were custom sculpted. In fact, the gem facets on the circlet, necklace, and bra center piece were all made by casting a small block of transparent resin, then hand cut and buffed to perfection by Fev!

Next is the shrug, collar, and bra. The shrug is made out of blue linen with metallic magenta accents. Yellow linen makes up the border around the edges. The magenta/white left side tag and bottom tags are made out of the same metallic magenta fabric as well as white vinyl.

The collar is made out of veg tanned leather. It has a tooled design and was dyed then painted with EcoFlo Cranberry Dye and American Titanium White Paint, respectively. The bra is also made out of veg tanned leather. The band and straps were dyed with the same cranberry color as the collar. The cups were painted with Nu-Life Paint in Sapphire, and the borders were painted with a variety of acrylic paints and paint pens. The rounded decorations on the borders and the center of the band are made out of different buttons that I just stacked together and painted!

The necklace and bra center pieces were also made by Fevereon. The colors are embedded in the sculpts, so there is no risk of paint chipping. The bra center pieces have very small holes in it so it can hang freely from the bra via a heavyweight upholstery thread. The necklace has small screws embedded in it so a dainty silver chain could be attached, making the necklace fully adjustable.

Moving our way down the outfit, we come to the belt and skirt. The belt is made out of veg tanned leather, with a very intricate, tooled pattern on it. The pattern features many colors, done with a variety of dyes and paints. The belt is adjustable via a series of snaps in the back. The belt buckle was made by Fevereon. It is slightly curved to follow the contour of the body and has two screws mounted in the back so it can attach to the belt.

The hip armor is made out of veg tanned leather and was colored in the same way as the red and white collar. It has latigo leather loops so it can attach to the belt. The skirt flaps are made out of blue and yellow linen, purple satin, and burgundy organza. The satin and linen panels have white vinyl and metallic magenta details. The organza panels have scalloped lace trim and Swarovski rhinestone accents. The rounded decorations on the front panel are made out of stacked buttons, just like the ones on the bra and hanging blue hanging belts. The back of the skirt features a silver hip decoration, from which the blue belts hangs.

The blue belts are also made out of veg tanned leather and the details were done with silver acrylic paint and a variety of paint pens.

The outfit is completed by the boots. The shin guards are made out of veg tanned leather, painted with the same Sapphire paint as the bra cups and hanging belts. The detailed are done with acrylic paint and paint pens (for extra fine lines). The shoes started off as grey calf-height boots which I cut down to shape, painted and then glued leather appliques to.

The armband is made out of veg tanned leather, with a cranberry scalloped edge and a gold upper area (done with Lumiere paints). All of the stitching on the armband (and the rest of the leather parts) was done by hand. The gauntlets are three three pieces, also made out of veg tanned leather. There is a silver pointed gauntlet with a simple, tooled border. Next comes a cranberry gauntlet that is adjustable and features painted details and a tooled design. Lastly, the gold upper bracelets have pink Swarovski crystal beaded accents and attach to the gauntlets with Chicago-screws.

Here is some additional information about the sculpted pieces from Fev’s DeviantArt:

They were all scratchbuilt using styrene and Sintra, then molded and cast in Smoothcast 325 resin, and some casting epoxy resin I found at Michaels, which wasn’t too difficult to get bubbles out of. The little dangling purple gems were the biggest pain in the butt. I thought I would be able to find some at Michaels, but nothing was quite the specs i was wanting. I wound up casting a block of purple resin, then sanded and buffed them into the right shape. Shaping the facets on them was evil, and give me beyond a whole new level of respect for those people who grind diamonds. Thirteen molds were made to make them.

The wig and staff were provided by the client. The ears were purchased from Yaya Han.


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