Homemade Bumblebee Transformers Costume

Check out this very cool Bumblebee costume made from everyday household items! Officially known as Brooklyn Bumblebee, this was made by clever costumer Peter Kokis.

You may recall Peter’s previous work: Last year he rose to fame for his impressive Optimus Prime costume.

Using the same technique of building with recycled parts, he’s made a Bumblebee version and it came out great!

I’ve completed my masterpiece: ‘Brooklyn Bumblebee’. I rolled him out at a robotics competition in NYC last weekend. The exoskeleton took 350 hours to build, and he weighs 140 lbs. it’s not a costume, but a suit of armor. He’s made from readily available household & hardware items: stuff from local household, hardware, sporting goods stores; 99-cent stores; and drug stores. Photos by Eileen Zolkos.

Great job, Peter. Thanks so much for sending this in!

[via BrooklynBumblebee.com]

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