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Thor Costume at MegaCon

Here’s a well done Thor costume. Wow, he looks like the real deal! This photo was taken at the recent MegaCon 2001 in Orlando. Great costume!

Have you seen the latest Thor clip? Marvel has released a scene from the upcoming movie. It’s actually funnier than I expected, can’t wait to see it in the theater!

[via DeskOfBrian]

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Giant Walking Plant Costume

This giant walking plant was spotted at the San Diego Zoo. What a cool costume! It takes a talented person to walk with four stilts.

Most impressive!

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Gentleman Glues Tiny Hat to his Head

The first rule of wearing tiny hats is… DON’T use Super Glue!

LOL, the BBC put together this rather humorous news story about a guy who ended up in the emergency room after Super-Gluing a tiny hat onto his head. He was going to a Halloween party, and the hat kept coming off… so he glued it. Oh no!

Fortunately, the hat finally came off after he soaked his head in warm water. Let this be a lesson to us all….

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Running Around in a Whomp Costume

Mario Bros. fans should be familiar with Whomps — the minions of Bowser who attempt to block Mario’s path.

Here’s a funny video of someone in a Whomp costume, running around a university. Looks like a fun day was had by all!

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Adrianne Palicki on the Set of Wonder Woman

Some great shots of Adrianne Palicki in costume as Wonder Woman have been released! I can’t believe this is already filming, they aren’t wasting any time at all.

We get a close look at her costume. It looks different than the costume we’ve seen already. I like the red boots, but her pants seem a little off to me. Still… it’s definitely Wonder Woman! I’m looking forward to the pilot and crossing my fingers.

UPDATE: Not sure how long this will stay on YouTube, but here’s a little amateur video footage of the filming…


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How to Make a Shrub Costume

Here’s a unique costume idea… A bush costume! Perfect for spies, lurkers, nature lovers and more!

Heh, in all seriousness, this is really cool. Not too hard to make, you just need some chicken wire and a plastic pot.

This costume was made by marple200, who posted a very nice tutorial on Be sure to check it out!

[via marple200 on]

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Eye of Sauron Costume from LOTR

Davidd24 went to a Lord of the Rings theme party dressed as The Eye of Sauron. That’s a clever idea. Looks pretty simple, too. Never underestimate the power of paper mache and spray paint!

Head on over to Buzzfeed to view the full tutorial. Well done, Sir!

[via Buzzfeed]

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Mind Blowing Iron Man Suitcase Armor

Feast your eyes upon this amazing Iron Man Suitcase Armor costume, made by scratch by Ryan (ry84), a 26-year-old student at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Ryan was kind enough to give me a heads up about this costume, which is very likely the first Iron Man Mark V Briefcase Armour the Internet has seen. Last week he won “Best in Show” at Toronto’s Comic Con.

This is just insane! I love how it lights up and has motion-activated sound, too. Just incredible. Big thanks to Ryan for sending this in. Great job!

Over the past 10 months I’ve designed and built the world’s first Iron Man Mark V Briefcase Armour from the Iron Man 2 movie. I’ve scoured the internet for other people who have done it already, and found nothing. The thing that makes my suit special is that it actually transforms from a briefcase into the full suit of armour, with functional lights and repulsors (the hand blaster) sounds. Everything on this costume has been built from scratch, using only a few reference images from the movie.

In-Progress Photo Album:

Video of Briefcase Transformation:

Winning “Best in Show” at Toronto’s Comic Con: