Music Videos by Ryan Owen

Please do take the time to watch a music video by Ryan Owen. I just randomly came across his stuff on YouTube, and now I’m a bit hooked. He apparently makes music videos for indy bands, and he’s quite good!

I’m particularly taken with Do the Hand Jive (below), it’s so odd and entertaining, and the song is quite catchy. Watch these ladies do the Hand Jive!

Director: Ryan Owen
Costumes: Clare Roberts @ Marigold


This next video is a bit mesmerizing. Awesome costume (kung fu?), and it looks great against the washed out background scenery.

Director: Ryan Owen
Costumes: Zoe Howerska

Directed, Shot and Edited by Ryan Owen
Produced by Alphabetical Beard

Very cool, and I think the Hand Jive song will be stuck in my head all day. You can learn more about Ryan Owen at

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