New Licensed Costumes: Star Wars, Superheroes

A bunch of new licensed costumes have been released. Not bad at all, really. Sure, the tauntaun costume below is a bit ridiculous but I’m sure it’s supposed to be funny.

Here’s a look at Wonder Woman, anime style. This is from DC’s line of Ame-Comi collectibles. Yes, they made costumes that are based on toys. Pretty cool!

Costume Craze also has new superhero corsets. Hit the link for additional views of Catwoman and Robin.


And let’s not for get the new Star Wars costumes. The Imperial Guard is most impressive. That tauntaun costume is hilarious, and why his he dressed in his farm outfit instead of Hoth gear? Click Here to view them all, including a Jawa costume and black stormtrooper “Shadowtrooper” costume.

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