Colorful Satin-Lined “Dream Coat”

Wow, check out this colorful “dream coat,” you almost need sunglasses just to look at it!

Definitely a bright way to stay warm this winter. These coats are custom made by Enlightened Platypus on Etsy. This particular coat is priced at $488.00, but it’s already been sold.

Pretty amazing to look at — the crazy long hood is awesome!

All my Dream Coats utilize upcycled materials, mainly warm and cozy pre-loved sweaters. I scour the thrift shops looking for unique and snuggly sweaters, which I then carefully cut apart and cobble back together into my free-spirited creations.

Each coat is a work of art, and each one is unique. I never use a pattern, so these exclusive designs flow from my crazy bohemian mind straight into the stitches! My background is in dress-making and quilting, so I can combine the best of both worlds to come up with funky fae-inspired patchwork designs with a professional seamstress’s touch.

[via Enlightened Platypus]

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