Collector’s Costume Cards?

I’ve never been one to collect trading cards of my favorite TV shows and movies, but these Costume Cards did catch my eye. ToyWiz has costume cards for Dexter, Harry Potter, Star Trek and more.

This is kind of funny. I’m sure it’s old news to many, but I’ve never seen them before. They glue a scrap of a costume onto a card and… people buy them? LOL, really?

[via ToyWiz]

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3 Responses to Collector’s Costume Cards?

  1. Laura E. says:

    I’m actually pretty surprised you haven’t seen these before. I don’t know if it was the X-Files trading cards that started it, but that’s the first I know of. Get a pack of trading cards, and there could be any number of rare, collectible cards in with the regular ones. If you were really lucky, you could get a card to send off and they’d send you back one of these, with a bit of cloth on it. Everyone wanted a piece of Mulder’s famous grey t-shirt… ::sigh:: I didn’t get any of these, though, because I couldn’t justify buying the trading cards. I saw one of the cards at the first Adventurecon, though, and drooled on it a bit.

  2. manny says:

    Heh, I’ve just never been a card collector, I guess. The thought of paying for a scrap of a costume makes me kind of chuckle though.

    But good news, Laura, you can STILL get a piece of Mulder’s shirt for 60 bucks!

  3. Laura E. says:

    ::sigh:: I just have to wonder if my fiance would be amused or jealous… luckily he’s an X-Phile as well, but I’m not sure that that would stretch to owning another dude’s clothing bits, LOL.

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