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Awesome NYC Subway Train Costume

Over on, Matthew shares an awesome subway train costume he made for his son. The little guy naturally likes trains, and this was the costume he wanted for Halloween.

It took Matthew 80 hours and “4 or 5 sleepless nights” to build this work of beauty. What a great dad, and a lucky little boy! To view more photos, check out the full photoset on Flickr. Great job, Matthew!

Time lapse of the inside foam-core structure being assembled.

[via ChoppingBlock]

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Wedding Dress Made out of Soccer Uniforms

Take a look at this lovely wedding dress, made entirely out of old soccer uniforms! Karen Bell and her fiance, Simon, are huge Manchester City fans. She took Simon’s old fan jerseys, dating all the way back to the 1980’s and sewed this work of beauty. It took her three weeks, sewing six nights a week.

After their wedding ceremony, the newlyweds went straight to watch a soccer game, where Karen was a huge hit in her sporty dress.

The pair wed in Chester before heading to Manchester for the match against Stoke, which City won 3-0.

Karen said: “Everyone was stopping us to take pictures on the way in. We thought about going corporate but we have had season cards for years and we know everyone around us so we just went in our normal seats.

“It was brilliant – everyone kept buying us drinks.”

Wonderful job! And congratulations to the happy couple!


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Friendly Mortal Kombat Cosplay

I’d say these Mortal Kombat cosplayers have a killer friendship! *applause* Thanks, I’ll be here all week. I believe this photo was taken earlier this year at PAX Prime 2011.

Here’s a bonus video of them dancing. How fun!

[via Reddit]

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Courtney Coombs’ Doctor Who Dress Made from Bed Sheet

Here’s a cute Doctor Who dress made by Australia’s very own Courtney Coombs. She made this out of a bed sheet, what a clever gal! It’s a beautiful dress, and don’t you just love her red Converse sneakers?

I haven’t posted Courtney’s work in a while, so it’s nice to feature her again on My Disguises. She’s been a long time reader and commenter here on the site, and I sure appreciate her contributions and costume skills.

I made this dress out of a Doctor Who bed sheet that I saw on the internets and fell in love with. The black parts are denim from a pair of pants that I payed $9 for because the zipper was broken, they were too small for me anyway. Partially inspired by Amanda Palmer’s Power Ranger dress which was also made from a bed sheet. It’s actually nice material to work with as it’s stiff and durable, if you can find something like this with a small enough print I recommend giving it a go.

The wedge sneakers also came from the internets, I love Converse shoes and I thought they were a clever take on an old design. The photos were taken by my friend Ben Gates and the poster was painted by Peter Carr.

I also want to mention that Courtney is currently taking commissions through January! If you want custom costumes, clothing or swimwear from Courtney, now’s the time to contact her. She also makes hats, jewelry, masks, artwork sketches, drawings, tattoo designs and plushie toys — including customized My Little Ponies. Wow, what a talented lady!

For contact info, and to check out more of her work, do visit Courtney on DeviantArt!

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Making Up a Walking Dead Zombie

Ever wonder how they create the zombies on The Walking Dead? Take a look at the make-up process involved as one man turns into a fearsome Walker!

So awesome! Playing a zombie on that show seems like a really fun job. Though I imagine spending hours in the make-up chair every day could get a little old. Plus, “Take Your Child to Work Day” is completely out of the question. Or maybe not… they have to get the children zombies from somewhere. Fun for the whole family?

[9GAG via Fashionably Geek]

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Vintage Photos of Animals in Costumes

Check out these vintage 100-year old photos of animals in costumes! This is the work of photographer Harry Whittier Frees, famous for dressing up cute animals and having them pose in human situations.

It’s so interesting to see that people 100 years ago were as fascinated with dog and cat photos as we are today!

[via Ivanpobeda]

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Salt Lake City’s Real Life Superheroes

There’s a great article in the New York Times about the Black Monday Society, a group of real life superheroes based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The article focuses on Red Voltage, Asylum, and Nihilist as they walk the streets and keep the city safe. Nice costumes, Guys. Very cool!

Some go out armed with gear like mace, pepper spray or police batons; others say they carry only cellphones, aiming to be eyes and ears for the police, who in most cities, including Salt Lake City, are keeping a wary distance.

“We’re not endorsing them, supporting them, condemning them or anything else — we’re staying neutral and out of it,” said Detective Joshua Ashdown, a spokesman for the Salt Lake City Police Department. “The ones we endorse are the ones we have trained.”

Visit the New York Times for the full story, and click below to watch a nice video report (sorry, no embed code).

Video opens in new window

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Batman and his Shadow Costumes

This Batman sketch is part of the Japanese Kinchan and Katori Shingo’s All Japan Costume Grand Prix. Not only are people wearing Batman costumes, but they are dressed as Batman’s shadow, too. It’s pretty cool! I do wish the quality was a bit better, but you get the idea.

This was posted on Topless Robot as a joke, under the guise of a new Dark Knight Rises trailer. But this is definitely worth watching on its own merits.

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