Gorilla Costume Used for Social Commentary

I had a heck of time trying to figure out what this video is all about. The Chinese translation is… interesting, to say the least.

At first I thought it was merely a video of a gorilla cosplayer goofing off in the park, and a little girl trying to figure out if it’s real. I could not make sense of the description on YouTube until I read it several times.

From what I can tell, this is actually part of an ongoing project at a Chinese park that illustrates how humans have distanced themselves from nature.

Therefore, in the history of evolution of housing, you could see that houses gradually moved from nature or we removed natural elements from our residences. Caves, tree houses, brick houses, and concrete architecture, our living, eventually evolved into a box limited to four solid walls. It is about the habitat of a sense of security to prevent from beasts and bad weather. Trust and emotions among communities; relationship between nature and us, are influenced basing on modern more complete structure of preservation. Do we become cold and detached?

So this “gorilla” will appear at the park for three months, and slowly start using tools, and begin distancing itself from nature. What an interesting idea. Have we become cold and detached?

Civilization make better living. We own more power to change the conditions of lives and surviving. Parks as recreation of nature, they simulate natural footpaths, lawn and lake that contain a lot of human activities. Whether you chat, nap, walk, read, or play chess, parks share the role of houses. In fact, nature is our original habitat, even if it simulate, even if it is still far from nature. If we still live in the natural environment, how is it?

There is a Spine Park passerby. He is employed to work in the park for about 3 months. Within total around 10 weeks, every Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 5pm, you can see a process of evolution of an ape. His appearances, costume, tools and acts will keep evolve every week showing how a person learn to lead a life in the park. It is about accumulation of knowledge.

I will keep an eye on their YouTube Channel, and if I see any interesting costume updates, I’ll be sure to post them!

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