Homemade Mr. Freeze Costume

Here’s a great homemade Mr. Freeze costume, based on the icy Batman villain. Looks like a labor of love this very lucky kid.

It’s all made from recycled materials and items from the thrift shop. Thanks to dry ice and some clever lighting, the gun actually “smokes” and glows. The helmet glows as well. This is so awesome!

… the gun is a modded Hulk watergun, painted with plastic paint. Tubing brings dry ice smoke from the bottles in the backpack. The ‘boots’ are made from sleeves of a puffy jacket–spraypainted silver. An old kids backpack was also spraypainted silver to hold the water bottles. Water bottles were recycled Simply Orange bottles. The overall silver outfit was a lucky thriftstore find — it was a Power Rangers costume and we blacked out the Power Rangers logo with fabric paint. The Helmet was a tough one – a friend (Thanks, Anne!) finally found a plastic container for us from some toys that was big enough. Pipe insulation pads the bottom. LEDs on the gun and helmet complete the look!

[Dabbled.org via Great White Snark]

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