The Best DIY Costumes from Instructables’ Halloween Contest
November 11, 2010 halloween

With a whopping 534 entries in the Instructables Halloween contest how can you be expected to know who to vote for?

To help you out, I’ve assembled a list of my picks for the best costumes.

10. Iron Man

While there are a ton of diy Iron Man costumes (there’s even 2 instructables guides), this has got to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. It would be my choice to win if the maker had made the 3D model himself, but even if he just followed the plans, it’s still a very impressive build.

9. All of Carleyy’s Lady Gaga Costumes

I think that Carleyy might have as many Lady Gaga costumes as Lady Gaga. They’re all fantastic. I particularly like the bubbles and the red lace ensemble she did with Scoochmaroo.

8. Bioshock Big Daddy

It’s nowhere near as awesome as the Volpin Props version, but not everyone can be Harrison Krix.

7. Alice in Wonderland Armor

What a lucky little girl! The level of detail on this costume is incredible. I especially love the candy bag built into the shield. I only wish there was more description of the process involved in making such a beautiful outfit.

6. Spray Foam Dragon

The instructible is still missing the directions to make it breathe fire, but this 9’6” dragon is impressive just the same.

5. Headless Horsewoman

This is a simple enough idea with great results. The photos are awesome!

4. Ratchet and Clank

Using a toy Winnie the Pooh to make this mask was genius.

3. Ghostbusters No-ghost Logo

It’s been done before, but this Ghostbusters costume looks just perfect.

2. Hit Girl Dog

Hands down,  my choice for the best pet costume of the year. (Manny has already posted about this one)

1. Go Go Gadget Copter!

What’s not to love about this Inspector Gadget costume? Not only is the costume incredibly cute and clever, the instructable is also very clear and well written.

If you still want to spread the love with a few more votes, my instructables for the Rocketeer rocket pack and genie on a flying carpet costume are in the running too.

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  1. Allison, what a great list, wow. These are all so great, it’s impossible for me to choose a favorite.

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