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Homemade Mr. Freeze Costume

Here’s a great homemade Mr. Freeze costume, based on the icy Batman villain. Looks like a labor of love this very lucky kid.

It’s all made from recycled materials and items from the thrift shop. Thanks to dry ice and some clever lighting, the gun actually “smokes” and glows. The helmet glows as well. This is so awesome!

… the gun is a modded Hulk watergun, painted with plastic paint. Tubing brings dry ice smoke from the bottles in the backpack. The ‘boots’ are made from sleeves of a puffy jacket–spraypainted silver. An old kids backpack was also spraypainted silver to hold the water bottles. Water bottles were recycled Simply Orange bottles. The overall silver outfit was a lucky thriftstore find — it was a Power Rangers costume and we blacked out the Power Rangers logo with fabric paint. The Helmet was a tough one – a friend (Thanks, Anne!) finally found a plastic container for us from some toys that was big enough. Pipe insulation pads the bottom. LEDs on the gun and helmet complete the look!

[ via Great White Snark]

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Handmade R2-D2 Dress

Check out this very cute R2-D2 dress, handmade by a crafty gal named Alice. She made a matching hat, too!

Wonderful job!

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Real Housewives of Mars

Candy Slice Comedy, a team of talented female comedians from NYC, was kind enough to let me know about their new video, Real Housewives of Mars.

Yes, travel to the future and see what reality TV looks like on Mars. LOL, it’s pretty funny. Fair warning: You might have to watch a commercial first….

I’m rather impressed with their green Martian costumes! They look very cute and futuristic. You can tell they had a lot of fun making this.

Well done, Ladies! Thanks for the heads up. See you in the future!

[via Candy Slice Comedy]

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Jenni Källberg is a Busy Cosplayer

World famous cosplayer Jenni Källberg sure has been busy this year. I don’t think I post about her nearly enough.

This year alone, she’s made 3 incredible costumes that are really worth checking out on her site, PixelNinja.

The top photo is her breathtaking Samus Aran Gravity Suit. Just amazing.

She’s also done a Samus Aran Varia Suit (version 2.0), as well as a beautiful Princess Twilight costume from Zelda.

Full galleries are available on her website. Incredible work!

[via PixelNinja]

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Vintage Photo from 1950s USO Parade

I spied this interesting photo Back in the 1950s during a USO parade, they created a futuristic float to depict the USO entertaining troops on the moon. Huh.

So this is what living on the moon looks like, LOL. We will wear fishbowls and transparent trash bags!

Archivist Ryan Bean found this photo, and sums it up quite well:

It’s from the Charleston Armed Services YMCA, dated Oct 3rd, 1958. Apparently this was a float in a parade showing off a future USO on the moon. I especially like how she is wearing heels on the moon. Always gotta look your best, even on the moon!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Zombie Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all enjoy some great food with loved ones this year.

[Image via LostZombies]

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Half Life Metro Police Costume

Here’s a quick look at a very nice Metropolice costume from Half Life. He’s kicking back, reading an REI catalog and shopping for gear. Heh, this is pretty cool.

In Half Life, the Metropolice wear masks and disguise their voices to protect their true identities. This allows them to beat up on civilians without inviting personal revenge or repercussions.

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New Green Hornet Trailer

A new Green Hornet trailer has been released! I think this looks like a lot of fun. Seth Rogan may actually be able to pull this off.

I happen to like over-the-top action comedies, but I understand this might not be for everybody. What do you think?

The Green Hornet arrives in theaters in January, 2011.

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