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Halloween Idea: Hockey Puck Costume


Here’s a cute idea for a Halloween costume, especially if you’re not into the “sexy” look. This is Eliza Clark when she was a kid, dressed in a very clever hockey puck costume.

Eliza is a writer and actress in Hollywood, who most recently worked on the critically acclaimed AMC series, Rubicon. She posted this old photo on Twitter yesterday, and it definitely gave me a chuckle.

She writes:

In 8th grade, most girls had figured out that Halloween was a time to be sexy, I decided to be a hockey puck. Wearing sweatpants.

Hey, the sweatpants work. This is a great costume!

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Amazing Costumes from Blizzcon 2010


Check out these awesome costumes from BlizzCon 2010! The popular gaming convention took place last weekend in Anaheim, CA.

Yahoo Games has posted a very nice gallery of amazing costumes. Here are a few below — be sure to click the link to view the full gallery.






[via Yahoo Games]

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Darth Vader Wheelchair Costume


Nice costume! Looks like Vader is rolling to the costume party in style. Turning a wheelchair into a tie fighter is a genious idea.

This picture is Blastr’s Image of the Day, and with good reason. Well done!


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Clowns Laugh to Win World Record

Okay, this is scary stuff… hundreds of clowns laughing like maniacs.

Over 700 clowns recently gathered in Mexico City for the Fifteenth International Clown Convention. During the event, they tried to break the record for the Longest Consecutive Laughter (there’s a record for that?).

They laughed for 15 minutes straight, which was a national record for Mexico, but they were unable break the world record.

Good try, though. Maybe next year, Clowns!

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Wonder Woman Day Fights Domestic Abuse


Yesterday was the 5th annual Wonder Woman Day, and costumed superheroes gathered to raise money for Domestic Violence programs. The event took place in two locations: Excaliber Comics in Portland, OR, and also at Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ. What an incredibly awesome idea.

Professional artists donated their time to come and sign autographs and do sketches, and a ton of art was auctioned off to support domestic violence programs.

And… lots of people came to support the event in awesome superhero costumes!

I received a nice email from Sarah, who was nice enough to include some great photos of the event in Portland. Looks like a fantastic time and for a wonderful cause.





Here’s a video from last year’s Wonder Woman Day at Excalibur Comics in Portland, OR.


Thanks to Sarah for sending me pics!

[via Wonder Woman Day]

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Zombies Shop at Sears

It’s a good day to be a zombie, if you like to shop at LOL, they’ve zombified their online store, it’s pretty cool.

There’s a handy link to Switch to English, but why? Braaaaains….



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Creepy Girl and Dog Wear Avatar Costumes

I’m not sure what to think about this video… there’s a cute girl in an Avatar costume, a cute Pitbull in an Avatar costume, and tiny baby chicks hopping all over the dog. Sounds totally fun and adorable, right?

LOL, so why do I get so creeped out watching this? Hmmmm.

[via FilmDrunk]

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Sign Wavers Replaced by Robots?

It’s a pretty common practice for businesses to hire a sign waver — someone who dresses up in a mascot costume and waves to cars and people passing by.

It looks like the human sign wavers are getting replaced by robots! I guess robots cost less and don’t need to take any breaks. offers several different robots for your business. The price is around $1500, and you get non-stop waving goodness. Very interesting!



[ via CrunchGear]

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