Homemade Kids Robocop Costume


An awesome father made his son a very cool Robocop costume out of every day materials found in his basement. They did a nice cosplay shoot, and it looks like a few policeman were happy to pose with the kid.

What a lucky kid, and a fantastic costume!

The helmet is an old bike helmet that didn’t really fit him anymore, so I ripped out all the padding inside and glued on a piece of plastic I cut out from an old bucket to make the front visor part. The circles on the sides were orange-juice-container lids. The chest piece is made out of an empty laundry-detergent bottle and the back is made from milk jugs. The arms and legs are cobbled together out of 64-oz Trader Joe juice containers. I made the boots by gluing a bunch of plastic crap to his old rain boots. Then I painted everything metallic gray.





[via Sweet-Juniper.com]

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  1. That’s so clever and very cute. Although I have to wonder if he’s actually seen Robocop, definitley not a PG movie!

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