DIY Pac-Man and Ghosts Costumes


If you need to dress your entire family up in costumes for Halloween, this Pac-Man and Ghosts tutorial might come in handy.

MaMeex5 has put together a nice How To on that shows you how to make a Pac-Man costume, as well as the ghosts. His costumes turned out great, and the costumes don’t look that hard to make.

My kids decided that wanted to be Pac Man and the 4 ghosts for Halloween. So that put me and DaDee on task of creating all 5 costumes.
2 hula hoops
Some PVC piping we had around
Duct Tape
Yellow Fabric
Black Fabric and glue
Old backpack
Fabric glue

For the Ghosts we used:
Pink, Orange, Red, and Blue cheap fabric
White and Black Felt sheets

To create the face. I traced a cup to create the eye shape and cut out the circle, then cut out a triangle out of the circle to make the correct shape. We attached the eye with fabric glue. We then cut 2 large pie shapes and glued those on to form his mouth.

Click Here to read the entire tutorial! Great work, and happy trick-or-treating!


[via MaMeex5]

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