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Homemade Mario Bros. Dog Costumes


Check out these homemade fleece Mario Bros. dog costumes! I think these look great, very cute. Choose from Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Princess Daisy costumes.

Each costume is custom made, and sells for $27.50 on Etsy.





[via YoungUrbanPuppy]

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Stargate Cosplay: Teal’c Costume


I don’t come across Stargate cosplay often enough, it seems. Here’s a great Teal’c costume by roninjedi, complete with Jaffa staff and golden tattoo.

Capitalizing on a passing resemblance to actor Christopher Judge, I combined two cheap tactical vests to more closely resemble the Blackhawk vest used on the show. The staff weapon is PVC, balsa wood, bondo, plastic from a kitchen garbage can, and rubber tubing. The forehead seal is gold, puffy, fabric paint on a cloth backing and secured in place with spirit gum.

Excellent work, roninjedi! Excellent work, INDEED.


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Wonder Woman Belly Dancer Costumes


Oh yes… a clan of Wonder Woman belly dancers!

These belly dance-style Wonder Woman costumes were made by tatianaring for Mud Bowl 2010. I think that’s an event in New Hampshire, but I’m honestly not sure.

I AM sure that these costumes are totally awesome. And good news — if you want one, tatianaring will make you one on commission.

When a local dance troupe decided on Wonder Woman as their superheros theme for an upcoming fundraising event this is what happened.

Long red chiffon veil to represent her cape.
Shiny red spandex lycra for the halter top.
Shiny blue spandex lycra for the side slit skirt.
And liquid metal cloth for the hip wrap.

SOLD…all 22 of them, but if you want one just drop me a line…


[via tatianaring on DeviantArt]

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Steampunk Supergirl Costume


Check out this awesome Steampunk Supergirl costume! Complete with matching hat and umbrella, this is so very, very nice.

Proof that not every steampunk costume needs goggles…

[via Steampunk Costume]

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Aliens Power Loader Costume


Here’s a look at an awesome Power Loader costume from the movie Aliens. This was made by alexthemoviegeek in only two weeks! The costume is made out of foam, hot glue and spraypaint. Very impressive!

Foam boards, which form the basis of the suit, have been a staple of many of my recent projects. They’re light-weight, strong, smooth, and easier to work with than cardboard, though not as cheap.

Read the whole tutorial on


[ via GreatWhiteSnark]

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Giant Duck Costume

Behold! It’s a giant duck costume made by Big Kahuna Imagineering in Sydney, Australia. This costume looks amazing… I wonder what they’ll be using it for?

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Adorable Baby Chick Costume


Costumes don’t get much cuter than this. Here’s a homemade baby chick costume for toddlers. Made by DIPdesigns, this costume is for sale on Etsy for $57.00. Not bad at all with Halloween just around the corner.

This Yellow Chick is made of Yellow Stretch material and Boa Feathers sewn on. It has velcro closure in the back for easy access. It also comes with matching leggings. Head and Feet are made of Matching Orange Foam Color.


[via DIPdesigns]

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Sports Fans and Spandex Suits

Lately I’ve been seeing more and more of those colored bodysuits worn by sports fans and athletes and party goers. It seems they are gaining in popularity.

The above clip shows a Phillies fan wearing a red Spandex suit as he runs around on the field during a game. LOL, silly man.

I’d have to give credit to the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as the character Charlie made his “Greenman” suit extremely popular.

But what is it with these colored suits? You can check out all the available colors and styles at



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