Costume Contest for Pit Bulls


Do you own a Pit Bull? The Proper Pit Bull is having a costume contest for pit bulls and pit bull mixes. You can submit a photo of your dog in costume.

The winners recieve a gift certificate and various dog supplies like a dog collar and dog toys.

When you think about it, Halloween is a great time for us pit bull owners to show the world that our beloved bullies are indeed part of the family. After all, we dress up ourselves and we dress up our kids. Should your pittie really be the only one running around the house naked on Oct. 31? Well, let me re-phrase that. 🙂 Shouldn’t your fur child be part of the festivites too? I say that’s a big YES!!!

So, start putting together your best pit bull halloween costume ideas. And, let’s talk about what you can win and how you can go about it.

Here are some of the current submissions. The deadline to enter is Oct. 22, 2010.








[via The Proper Pit Bull]

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