L.A. Superheroes Protest at City Hall


batman-arrested-thumb Superheroes unite! Wearing costumes is not a crime.

Last June, I wrote about the LAPD’s crackdown of costumed superheroes who try to earn tips on Hollywood Blvd. It’s been a long standing tradition in Hollywood, but the cops chased all the superheroes off the street after a couple supervillains started demanding money from tourists.

And now the costumed superheroes are suing the city, and organized a protest yesterday at City Hall. Here are some great photos from the event.

I say, if they’re not inappropriately badgering tourists for money, then let them wear costumes! Rebecca Holland, who dresses as a Power Ranger, sums it up nicely:

“It’s no different than if one of us stole a purse. Would you arrest all of us?”









[via LA Weekly, NeonTommy & ABC News]

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2 Responses to L.A. Superheroes Protest at City Hall

  1. Dahlia Jane says:

    I am 100% behind the costumers! Ugh, this is so ridiculous. I’m an Angeleno and I enjoy seeing Jack Sparrow, Marilyn Monroe and Superman in front of the Mann Chinese Theater. The costume characters are a big part of what makes that area of Hollywood Blvd fun and crazy LA-style. Cracking down on that when there are real problems — it just makes me sick and almost speechless! Dressing up in a costume is a form of expression and should be protected by the First Amendment. As long as those people aren’t hassling or otherwise harming other people let them pose for pictures where they want!

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