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Birds of Prey Costume Group


I was pleased when I received an email saying @xbirdsofpreyx was following MyDisguises on Twitter.

Birds of Prey is a superhero costume group based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve had a lot of fun going through their website. They have so many great costume photos!

Check out Batgirl, Huntress, Raven, Spoiler, Harley Quinn and more! Visit Birds of Prey to view their entire gallery.

Great job, Everyone! See you on Twitter.








[via Birds of Prey]

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Dress Made from Magic the Gathering Cards


Here’s a look at an amazing dress, made entirely out of Magic the Gathering playing cards! Wow, I wonder how long that took to make.

So very nerdy and wonderful. Great job!


Thanks to Rebecca for the tip!
[via Unreality]

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Blendec “Will it Blend?” Costume

Will it Blend costume

Apparently the Will it Blend? guy, Tom Dickson, is so popular now that he now has his own officially licensed Will it Blend Halloween costume! LOL, that is too funny.

For around $25, you get his lab coat, safety glasses and a treat bag with a blender on it.


If you haven’t seen the Will it Blend videos, you are really missing out. Those Blendtec blenders can destroy anything.

[via Costume Craze]

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Super Grover gets a New Costume

Super Grover 2.0? That’s the latest word on the Street. Sesame Street, that is.

In the Hulu clip above, Super Grover appears on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to show off his new costume. Apparently this new costume reflects Super Grover’s new focus on science and technology.

Season 41 of Sesame Street introduces an all new Super Grover segment. In six new six-minute episodes, Grover is coming to the rescue in “Super Grover 2.0.” As he observes, questions, investigates, and reports, our hero literally stumbles across solutions to problems all across the planet.

As an extension of the season’s curriculum focus on scientific investigation, this new series “Super Grover 2.0” emphasizes a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum by modeling the processes of scientific inquiry.


[via ComicsAlliance]

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Man in Elmo Costume Gets Attacked

Poor Elmo, he gets no respect.

Recently, Jeramie Trespalacios was attacked in a music store while wearing his full Elmo costume. He had been performing for children, and after work he did a little shopping, while still in costume.

Apparently another customer hates Elmo, and started punching him. Elmo managed to throw him into a glass display case and knock the attacker unconscious!

With his attacker unconscious on the floor, Trespalacios said he began to think about what the customers thought of the bizarre brawl.

“It looks good for the kids, though. Elmo is kicking butt, keeping society good!” he said with a laugh.

[via CNN]

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Costume Contest for Pit Bulls


Do you own a Pit Bull? The Proper Pit Bull is having a costume contest for pit bulls and pit bull mixes. You can submit a photo of your dog in costume.

The winners recieve a gift certificate and various dog supplies like a dog collar and dog toys.

When you think about it, Halloween is a great time for us pit bull owners to show the world that our beloved bullies are indeed part of the family. After all, we dress up ourselves and we dress up our kids. Should your pittie really be the only one running around the house naked on Oct. 31? Well, let me re-phrase that. 🙂 Shouldn’t your fur child be part of the festivites too? I say that’s a big YES!!!

So, start putting together your best pit bull halloween costume ideas. And, let’s talk about what you can win and how you can go about it.

Here are some of the current submissions. The deadline to enter is Oct. 22, 2010.








[via The Proper Pit Bull]

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The Ancient Dogoo Girls

Are you in the mood for some Japanese insanity? This video clip is beyond bizarre, but hey, lots of cool costumes including Japanese babes in padded muscle suits.

This is a trailer for the Japanese TV show, The Ancient Dogoo Girls. Words cannot describe this, so watch at your own risk.

And remember…


[via Topless Robot]

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Dr. Horrible’s Lab Coat on Ebay


Looking for a Dr. Horrible lab coat? There are custom lab coats available on Ebay for approx. $60-$80.

This tip came from MD commenter Shelley, who pointed out these labcoats in our post about How to Make a Dr. Horrible Costume. That post is a couple of years old, but I try to keep it updated as it’s one of the most popular posts on this site.

These new labcoats, made by 96bellyacres, look so nice that I thought they deserved their own post. I know there will be hundreds of Dr. Horrible’s running around on Halloween.

These coats are available in white or red. You can go with the cotton/polyestor blend, or pay $18 more for a thicker 100% cotton weave.

Dr. Horrible Lab Coat with Embroidered red and green Caduceus Staff. Made with 100% cotton material. Coat has 4 button closure, at top and side. Band and 2 buttons across back. Coat has Embroidered Red and Green Caduceus Staff sewn on pocket.

Will need these measurements to ensure proper fit.
Sleeve length (shoulder to wrist)

Will be taking orders for Halloween up to October 23rd.

There’s still plenty of time to order one!


[via Ebay]

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