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Mom Makes Monster Costume from Child’s Drawing


Here’s a delightful costume story: A Super Mom who runs The Artful Parent, offered to sew an article of clothing for her daughter. She was surprised when her daughter drew a purple monster and asked her to sew a costume!

When I asked Maia if there was anything in particular she wanted me to sew for her… and if she wanted to draw it for me so I would know how to sew it, I wasn’t expecting a purple monster costume. A dress perhaps. Not a monster. But she very enthusiastically described it in full detail, from the scary mask and the purple fur down to the claws on the hands and feet. Oh dear. What did I get myself in for?!


A few short months later, the purple monster costume was finished. It turned out great! What a lucky girl, she has such an awesome mother.





[via Artful Parent]

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Border Collie Performs Tricks in Several Costumes

Nana, a well trained Border Collie, performs tricks while wearing several different costumes. What a good looking dog!

Get ready to laugh as Nana the Border Collie performs stunts while wearing hilarious costumes! (The funniest costume is at the end of the video, in my opinion.)

All the costumes Nana is shown wearing in this video are either designed for dogs to wear, or were costumes that Nana was very comfortable wearing. All of Nana’s training is done with the use of positive reinforcement and clicker training exclusively.

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Chinchilla Wears a Fashionable Hat

Look at this cute Chinchilla, strutting his stuff in such a very fine paper hat! So cute. via LaughingSquid.

They just followed up with another Chinchilla post — a drawing by artist Josh Ellingson.

Awesome! That little guy sure has style!


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The Walking Dead are Coming to your TV!

AMC finally released the official trailer for The Walking Dead, their new zombie series! This looks really, really good. The’ve done such a great job making the zombies look so real and disgusting.

The six-episode series begins on, you guessed it… Halloween 2010! I can’t wait. Braaains!





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Inflatable Dummies in Disguise


The Inflatable Crowd Company specializes in dressing up inflatable dummies to appear as extras in movies. When a large crowd is needed for filming a scene, Inflatable Crowd can deliver 30,000 dolls. This can save a production company quite a bit of money, since real human extras cost anywhere between $135-$300 per day.

From a distance, this method works great and no one can tell that they are dummies, not people. These inflatable dummies have appeared in dozens of feature films, including Sea Biscuit, Million Dollar Baby, Rocky Balboa, Spider-Man 3, and Iron Man 2.

Pretty cool!








[via Inflatable Crowd and Reuters]

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Old Spice Guy Costume


Look at this cosplayer. Now look at the Old Spice Video. Now back to the cosplayer. He may not be the real Old Spice Guy, but he looked like him at the recent Wizard World Con in Chicago last weekend.

Ha, great idea. A very simple costume, but it’s funny and it works. Well done!


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Black Cow (Tauren) Furry Costume

Look at this amazing black cow/ tauren costume! This is the latest costume made by BeastCub. She makes exquisite furry costumes, and we’ve featured her wolf costume last year.

Such amazing detail! I’m so impressed.



Are you interested in having BeastCub make you a fursuit? I looked at her ordering page, and found this bit interesting:


Fullsuits, quad suits and 3/4 suits Require a “duct-tape dummy:”

Full instructions for making a duct-tape dummy can be found HERE.

I need the the dummy to come all the way up to the neck and all the way down your wrists and ankles. Have your arms up and straight (level with your shoulders) and your legs apart. This is a 2 person job by the way and rather “awkward” to do so find some one you are comfortable with, be wary of siblings as they may tape you to the floor.


Hmm, okay, I can see how that would be a little awkward. But if you really want an awesome fursuit, I guess it’s a small price to pay.

Want more information? Head on over to

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Awesome Elektra Costume by GSTQFashions


It looks like costume guru, God Save the Queen Fashions, just finished a new project. She recently posted this awesome Elektra costume! Wonderful work, this looks great.

Costume worn by Kelly. Makeup by Bianca Canlas. Photo by Silas Zee.


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