Awesome Homemade Mystique Costume


Take a look at this wonderful Mystique costume, made by model/cosplayer ikearstin. Very impressive, she totally nailed it.

I made almost everything! The boots I got from Lover’s Lane. I made the skull belt from Fright Catalog, cutting them in half and taping loops in the back to slide onto an already made belt. Gloves were from my Princess Peach halloween costume. The facial skull piece is from a ‘Rebel Toons Tinkerbell’ jewelry set that I just removed the rings from and spirit gummed to my face. I used theatre make up for my face, and made a blue spandex body suit and white dress from spandex at Joann Fabrics.

Ikearstin has lots of great costume photos on her site, including her Wonder Woman, Scarlet Witch, and Ms. Marvel. Jean Grey and Elastigirl are coming soon. Definitely worth checking out! CLICK HERE.





[via ikearstin]

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  1. Kearstin says:

    Hey there! I didn’t know you posted this! Thank you!!!!

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