God Save the Queen: Completed Green Lantern Costume


I recently posted some photos of an incredible custom Green Lantern costume made by God Save the Queen Fashions.

This costume was made on commission for a serious cosplayer at Comic-Con. Here are some final photos! Wow, this turned out so great, I bet he is just thrilled. Photos by LJinto.



Doesn’t owning a custom-tailored costume sound fun, and really, really tempting? Wow, the possibilities are endless. It’s amazing to think that her team can make ANYTHING, any costume at all (even regular clothing).

I had a chance to ask her a little bit about her commission work. Here is more information if you’re interested in a commissioned costume:

There isn’t really a set price for a costume like this as everyone is a different size. Since everything I make is custom fitted to each client, it is difficult to set a price in stone. For example, a GL costume for someone that is 5’2 and 100lbs will be cheaper than the same costume fitted to someone that is 6’0 and 250lbs.

gstqf-catherineIf you’re ever interested in getting a costume for yourself (Green Lantern or otherwise), the commission request form on my site is the best way to get detailed pricing for serious inquiries:


I want to thank Catherine L. Jones, the owner of GSTQF, for sending in these photos and answering questions about her fine work!

Visit her site to get your own custom costume or to just admire her awesome gallery! You can also follow her on Twitter: @gstqfashions.


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