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Improv Everywhere Suits up for the Beach

Improv Everywhere recently performed another “mission” — this time by dressing up in formal attire and hitting the Brighton Beach at Coney Island!

For our latest mission we had several hundred agents spend a day at Coney Island / Brighton Beach wearing black tie attire. We covered a mile-long stretch of beach with a diverse group of people of all ages (from babies to sixty-somethings) laying out, playing games, and swimming in the ocean, all in formal wear. Agents were instructed to find cheap tuxedos and ball gowns at thrift stores for the occasion.

How funny!













[via Improv Everywhere]

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Stretching Out in a Plastic Man Costume


I love this Plastic Man costume, seen at the recent Fan Expo 2010 in Toronto. So very cool!

When will Hollywood make a Plastic Man movie? I still have hopes for Stephen Colbert to play the role. But they better hurry, he’s not getting any younger…

[Photo by Shanno27]

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Awesome Cosplay: Jack from Mass Effect 2


Here’s some awesome cosplay by Jia Jem of Jack from Mass Effect 2! Wow, she looks really bad ass.

What a fabulous cosplayer — you should check out her website, she has tons of awesome cosplay photos!








[Jia Jem via Kotaku]


Silly Unicorns Dancing

This video doesn’t really make any sense, and the costumes really aren’t that good. But it’s weird and silly, so I thought I’d post it anyway.

How’s your Monday so far?

Quoted from YouTube Description:

Justin Bieber dances to Katy Perry in a sassy red unicorn costume accompanied by his unicorn girlfriend Kim Kardashian who is sporting a chanel cheetah print snuggie. Fabulous!!!! Unicorns are awesome.

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Superman vs Bizarro

Here’s fun fan film called Superman vs Bizarro. I think it’s rather well made, all things considering. Sure, the costumes are rather average, but they do the job.

You can tell these guys really love Superman! It’s nice to see Bizarro get some screen time, the poor guy is so misunderstood.


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New Photos from “Super” Released


James Gunn has released new photos from is upcoming movie, Super.

Rainn Wilson plays an ordinary guy who decides to become the Crimson Bolt after his wife leaves him for a drug dealer. Ellen Page stars as a comic book geek who assists him as Boltie. You can see the two of them making pipe bombs in the photo below.

This looks like a fun superhero movie, can’t wait to see it!


[via James Gunn]

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Frog Mascot Injured During Game?

LOL, this video has to be a planned stunt, but it’s kind of funny. Good old Japan – during a sporting event, a frog mascot takes a tumble and the other mascots carry him off the field in a stretcher.

Don’t ask, “Why?” There is no point. 🙂


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Cat Dumps Old Lady into Trash

This video just TOTALLY made my day, it’s the funniest thing ever! I’m so glad the cat got its proper revenge.

Last week, the Internet blew up when a video was released of a British woman tossing a cat in the trash. The cat was found alive after 15 hours, but the entire world was outraged at the lady’s actions. Police had to offer her protection after she received hundreds of death threats.

It’s so funny that someone dressed up in a cat costume and made the above video.

Here is the original video. Is this lady crazy or what?

Big thanks to Jared for the tip!

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