Stabbed-in-the-Eye-at-Comic-Con Costume


I definitely laughed out loud when I saw these clever costumes. As you may have heard, last weekend at Comic-Con a man got arrested for stabbing someone with a pen. Apparently, they were fighting over seats or something, and the victim got scratched near his eye.

Soon, the story became wildly exaggerated, and rumors spread that the guy had his eye poked out, and there was blood everywhere, etc. I have to laugh and admire the quick thinking of these cosplayers for putting together these costumes so quickly.

I don’t mean to laugh at the incident. Violence at cons cannot be tolerated. The stabber did get arrested and charged with assault with a lethal weapon — it does sound serious.

From LA Times:

“Two friends had an argument and one guy ended up going to the hospital with a scratch near his eye.”

One of the men reportedly struck the other man near the eye with a pen. The man who suffered the cut near his eye reportedly asked to be examined at the hospital as a precaution.

Rumors circulating the internet of a fan stabbing another attendee in the eye over coveted seats, and of a victim clad in a ” Harry Potter T-shirt soaked in blood,” are inaccurate, according to authorities.

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  1. E.J says:

    Man…my hair was super red!!!! I was eating dinner with a bunch of friends when I heard the news.
    I was working a booth at the Con and hadn’t heard anything till then. My friends and I immediately decided making fun of the situation was in poor taste. So we did it.

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