Ash Costume from Evil Dead


I always enjoy posting photos of Courtney Coombs and her excellent costumes. Recently, she did a cosplay photoshoot as Ash from the Evil Dead series.

As you can see, Courtney wields a mean chainsaw! Great work!

This costume was such a pain, not because the clothing itself poses any kind of challenge but because it’s the accesories that make it. I tried so hard to get a movie quality chainsaw hand, but in the end I just made one out of milk cartons, a sheet of plastic, PVC pipe and some cardboard. The gun is made from an old leg off of a piece of furniture. Origins of which are unknown.

Very little makeup in these photos, just some mascara and spot cover. For the scars I used liquid latex and some games workshop inks, red and brown to be precise.








[via Pyro-the-Maniac]

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2 Responses to Ash Costume from Evil Dead

  1. Daromon says:

    She looks like a model, so very pretty. Nice.

  2. Tommy Bowington says:

    GROOVY !

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