Street Fighter High: The Musical

Watch the trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter High sequel. This time the gang will be singing and dancing!

Last spring, the Street Fighter High crew made a funny 10-minute video about the Street Fighter characters going to high school.

The musical sequel should be released this fall. Can’t wait to see it!

I was contacted by Joey, one of the crew members, who let me know about a gallery of on set photos. Thanks for the email, Joey!

Looks like you guys are having WAY too much fun!








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One Response to Street Fighter High: The Musical

  1. Ben says:

    The Street Fighter High vid is so well done. I give my best to everyone who made it!
    I especially like the new vocals of their rendition of “The Next Door (Indestructible)” at the end (would be nice if they made a full cover though).
    Amazingly enough, I found the original “The Next Door (Indestructible)” on iTunes!

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