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Photos from Harry Potter Infinitus Conference


I always love hearing from Jonathon Rosenthal, the head organizer of The Group That Shall Not Be Named.

His Harry Potter group went to Infinitus 2010 in Orlando a couple of weeks ago, and he was kind enough to tag a set of cosplay photos on Flickr.

What a great guy — and what awesome costumes! This looks like SO MUCH fun!

[via Flicker, thanks to Jonathon Rosenthal]

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Batman’s Summertime Costume?


LOL, the purpose of this blog is NOT to punish you… though sometimes it may appear that way!

[via Geekologie]

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Thor Trailer Released!

The trailer for Thor has been released, and it looks really good! I’m impressed.

This is the footage they showed at Comic-Con. I’m pretty sure this is an unofficial release, so you better hurry and watch it before it gets taken down!






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Boy Gets Stuck in Pumpkin Costume

This poor kid tries on a pumpkin costume that was meant for his 2-year-old sister. He gets stuck and asks his dad for help.

So what does his dad do? Teases him and posts the video on YouTube, of course. What a great dad.

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Stabbed-in-the-Eye-at-Comic-Con Costume


I definitely laughed out loud when I saw these clever costumes. As you may have heard, last weekend at Comic-Con a man got arrested for stabbing someone with a pen. Apparently, they were fighting over seats or something, and the victim got scratched near his eye.

Soon, the story became wildly exaggerated, and rumors spread that the guy had his eye poked out, and there was blood everywhere, etc. I have to laugh and admire the quick thinking of these cosplayers for putting together these costumes so quickly.

I don’t mean to laugh at the incident. Violence at cons cannot be tolerated. The stabber did get arrested and charged with assault with a lethal weapon — it does sound serious.

From LA Times:

“Two friends had an argument and one guy ended up going to the hospital with a scratch near his eye.”

One of the men reportedly struck the other man near the eye with a pen. The man who suffered the cut near his eye reportedly asked to be examined at the hospital as a precaution.

Rumors circulating the internet of a fan stabbing another attendee in the eye over coveted seats, and of a victim clad in a ” Harry Potter T-shirt soaked in blood,” are inaccurate, according to authorities.

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Rainn Wilson is the Crimson Bolt


Here’s a first look at Rainn Wilson in costume as the Crimson Bolt! He stars in the upcoming superhero comedy Super, which is written and directed by the talented James Gunn. LOL, his costume sure is awful, isn’t it?

The movie is about a regular guy who creates a superhero identity, and should be quite funny. James Gunn recently announced at Comic-Con that the film is still looking for a distributer. So, we’ll probably see it in theaters early next year, or it might go straight to DVD.

Rainn Wilson is best known for playing Dwight Schrute on the TV show, The Office. I think he’ll be great as a funny superhero!



[via Cinematical]

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Ash Costume from Evil Dead


I always enjoy posting photos of Courtney Coombs and her excellent costumes. Recently, she did a cosplay photoshoot as Ash from the Evil Dead series.

As you can see, Courtney wields a mean chainsaw! Great work!

This costume was such a pain, not because the clothing itself poses any kind of challenge but because it’s the accesories that make it. I tried so hard to get a movie quality chainsaw hand, but in the end I just made one out of milk cartons, a sheet of plastic, PVC pipe and some cardboard. The gun is made from an old leg off of a piece of furniture. Origins of which are unknown.

Very little makeup in these photos, just some mascara and spot cover. For the scars I used liquid latex and some games workshop inks, red and brown to be precise.








[via Pyro-the-Maniac]


Political Cosplay at Comic-Con


Look, it’s Obama and Sarah Palin, complete with their own security team. Wow, what perfect costumes! I did a big doubletake when I first saw this.

Photo taken at last weekend’s Comic-Con. Well done!

[via ComicsCavern]

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