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Google Maps Makes Horse Boy Famous


Funny things are always showing up on Google Map’s Street View.

Recently, a man in a Horse mask was caught standing on the street in Aberdeen, Scotland.

For some reason, everyone seems to love this guy, now dubbed “Horse Boy.” When the BBC ran this story, it got over a million views in 24 hours.

Great job, Horse Boy!

[via BBC]

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Batman’s Rave Party

This video is awesome. Not only does this guy dance in a Batman costume, but he named his video “Green Hornet Official Trailer” so people will watch it accidentally.

Ah, YouTube, don’t ever change.

[via GreatWhiteSnark]

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Pig Costume for a Cat


I missed breakfast this morning, and this photo just makes me think of bacon.

Cute, adorable, tasty bacon. Oink!

[via Huffington Post

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Tiny Chick Goes Trick or Treating

Awww. This guy looks adorable in his Little Chick costume, in what appears to be his first experience with Halloween.

He’s kind of a sad chickie, but very cute in his costume.

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Space Suit Disguised as Cheap Poncho


Ha, this is hilarious. A Chinese manufacturer of cheap ponchos has come up with up with some great uses for it.

“A must for emergencies, sporting events, space travel, space, etc.”

LOL, what? So… are they joking? Could their translators really be that bad? So. Very. Awesome.

[via Geekologie]

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Darth Vader at the World Cup

It’s a good thing that Jedi and Sith don’t play soccer, it just wouldn’t be fair.

Watch as Darth Vader shoots a penalty kick, in a funny Spanish TV commercial for netbooks with an obvious nod to the World Cup.


[via Topless Robot]

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The League of Steam Goes Troll Hunting

I just love it when the League of Steam releases a new video. These steampunk investigators sure have a knack for getting themselves in trouble!

Using their wits, and the power of steampunk, the League of Steam attempts to save a town from a troublesome troll. This troll is big, and very mean. He shouts, “Who goes there?” to everyone that passes by. LOL, of course, maybe it’s just because the troll doesn’t see very well.

When Crackitus, Professor Jager and Lady Potts investigate rumors of an angry Troll living under the old bridge, they find themselves in big trouble!

[via League of Steam]

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Homemade General Grievous Costume

This is a mighty incredible General Grievous costume, made by Rick9635. He’s speaking German in the video, but the costume speaks for itself.

So. Very. Impressive!

[via GreatWhiteSnark]

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