Mind Blowing Halo Elite Costume


Wow, this is a totally mindblowing Halo Elite costume! Made by PeteManderFx, this costume is over 7 ft. tall.

If you scroll down past the photos, you can also watch a video showing how they made it. Absolutely incredible!

Hey Hollywood — When do we get that Halo movie?





[via DeviceMag.com]

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7 Responses to Mind Blowing Halo Elite Costume

  1. Lola says:

    Why do I want to cuddle it?

  2. kyle says:

    This is the most insane thing I have ever seen! Definitely time for a movie.

  3. danny vazquez says:

    can i buy it

  4. Chris says:

    Can you make me one if so how much do u want

  5. Pierre Durgaram says:

    at 3:16 did I see a Predatorer mask so cool and elite suit is amazome

  6. Christian Ward says:

    Skinny Puppy!

  7. clayton green says:

    that is thee most ausome thing i have ever seen in my life im a huge halo fan and thats sweet

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