Butterfly Costume Performance


New York costume designer Annie Hickman is lending a hand to participants of this weekend’s Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, Kansas.

During the last several weeks, Hickman has led a workshop helping children make butterfly costumes. Not only do the children make their costumes, but they learn to move and dance like a butterfly as well.

From Salina.com:

Traveling with the butterflies will be one rose, portrayed by Nina Petersen-Beard, a Salina Area Technical College student.

“I feel like part of ‘Alice in Wonderland,'” Petersen-Beard said, after tugging on the arm coverings of her elaborate costume. “I am the rose. I feel awesome.”

The rose’s movements will be slower and more elegant, Hickman told her. In addition to the parades across the festival grounds and butterfly dances, Hickman will perform in her incredible array of handmade insect costumes during her shows, “The Love Bug Hug” and “Weaving the Wild,” on the children’s stage during the festival.

Absolutely gorgeous costumes! What a fantastic experience for these kids. Have fun, Everybody!



[via Salina.com. Photos by Jeff Cooper.]

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