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Wonder Woman’s New Costume

Today the Internet is buzzing about Wonder Woman’s new costume! She’s still fighting for your rights, just not in satin tights.

What do you think?


Her new costume was designed by DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee. Many commentors seem to think this new costume will help pave the way for a Wonder Woman movie to finally get made. I guess this costume makes her more accessbile to mainstream viewers?

I like the new look, though I wish she still wore red boots or shoes of some kind.

Deadline just released this exclusive drawing by Don Kramer, as well:



Also, iFanboy has a nice picture of Wonder Woman’s costume through the years. Click on the photo to view full size:


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Mind Blowing Halo Elite Costume


Wow, this is a totally mindblowing Halo Elite costume! Made by PeteManderFx, this costume is over 7 ft. tall.

If you scroll down past the photos, you can also watch a video showing how they made it. Absolutely incredible!

Hey Hollywood — When do we get that Halo movie?







Pirate vs Ninja Costume Geddan

Here’s a cool Pirate vs Ninja geddan video. I’m glad people are still making these. Get Down!

If you haven’t seen or heard of Geddan before… Geddan is a meme that originated in Japan. It’s a dance that pays tribute to a well known Nintendo cartridge glitch.

This video by Know Your Meme explains it very well.

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Dogs in Lobster Costumes


Buzzfeed has a nice gallery of dogs wearing lobster costumes.

Aww, how cute (and tasty)! LOL, I think my favorite photo is the one with the little chef dog on the stove. Dogs are so awesome, they will do anything for their owners.









[Buzzfeed via BoingBoing]

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Harry Potter Cosplayers Prepare for Battle

Harry Potter cosplayers are gearing up for the Harry Potter Conference in Orlando on July 15, 2010.

This group is getting their costumes together, and practicing their battle skills for the Live Wizard Chessmatch. This video is in slow motion, and looks rather fun!

I feel kind of bad for the woman getting punched in the stomach at the 40 second mark. I have to keep telling myself, “They’re trained actors, it’s not real….” LOL.

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Sandwich Flip Flops Make Your Feet Look Tasty


My, what tasty looking shoes! These realistic sandwich flip flops are for sale on Etsy for a mere $300.

Mustard and mayo not included, but it does come with crystal rhinestones.

[Sole Sensations via Geekologie]

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Casual Friday on the Death Star


Check out these humorous, yet very cool drawings of Darth Vader and the gang relaxing in their non-uniform attire. It really does look like Casual Friday on the Death Star, lol.

These illustrations are part of a series by artist John Woo, called “He Wears It.” Woo stylishly imagines Star Wars characters wearing the fashion of today’s popular designers.

Too bad that Yoda and the Emperor aren’t included. I wonder what they would wear?





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Licensed Avatar Costumes are Blue, Sexy


Want to be a Na’vi this Halloween? Take a look at these commercial Avatar costumes. Very blue and sexy!

I know what you’re thinking… “Why aren’t this photos in 3D?”

These Avatar costumes were revealed by Costume Craze yesterday. Head on over to their site if you want to see the full line.


[via Costume Craze ]

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