Sense: This Cosplay Makes None

Con season is in full swing, my friends!

As a result, I’m in a constant state of happy cosplay-daze, and a less happy daze of cosplay envy. Originally I was going to highlight some of the more unusual and remarkable cosplays, but then I descended into silliness and have found the following pictures for your enjoyment.

As much as I love a beautifully posed, character-accurate cosplay portrait, I have to admit that the goofy, silly, off the wall pictures and costumes are a pretty close second as far as favourites are concerned. Some of these will make you laugh, and others will make you say “Huh?!” but I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Los dos amigos!

Nothing says Cinco de Mayo like…Fire Emblem? Looks like we’ve got Marth and Ike here, and both have exchanged their signature headbands for more stylish headwear! Viva Elibe!

“You know…I really don’t think you need anymore caffiene.”

How much commentary does this picture really need? I think it speaks for itself.

“I’ve been good, I SWEAR! Now put that kunai away!”

A very merry, er, Naruto to you too! Here we have the phlegmatic Kakashi Sensei posing in the uniform he wears when he moonlights as a mall santa–because Christmas needs more Ninja!

Darn computer! How am I supposed to download the newest Naruto chapter now?!

I don’t even know what to say. 10/10 for originality!

Batman’s newest sidekick.

This one gets kudos for not only being random and hilarious, but also for spanning the vast Japan-DC Comics Divide unlike anything since the Cartoon Network version of Teen Titans.

“Don’t look like that, Roxas!”

Seriously, this picture is doubly awesome with both Axel and Roxas in it.

“Kuja, Sephiroth and an Onion Knight were walking through a field…

Sounds like the beginning of an awesome joke. Kuja’s pose is most definitely made of win.

Keep ’em coming, cosplayers!

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3 Responses to Sense: This Cosplay Makes None

  1. manny says:

    Heh, these are awesome! 🙂

  2. Kalista says:

    Hey, that paper bag Axel is me! :DD

  3. Rask says:

    Oh my god, this is hilarious. The one with the paper bags– just superb. great idea when you don’t want to bother with the hair and makeup and comments of “you look nothing like so-and-so”. Hahhaah– thanks for sharing!

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