What the Heck is a Wireless Dance Costume?
May 12, 2010 fashion

I came across this really interesting Instructable about how to make a Wireless Dance costume.

This looks really cool, and they’ve done a great job explaining how to make one. I’ll admit though, I’m still confused about what exactly a wireless dance costume is for. Hopefully someone can enlighten me in the comments below.

By running wires and pressure sensors throughout the costume, a computer can map the dancer’s movements. As we can see in the video, the dancer is able to generate sounds. I can hear a piano sound generated by the pressure sensor, and when she moves her arm she makes R2-D2ish noises.

So what is the point? To allow dancers to make their own “live” music while dancing? Based on what I’ve seen, I think a whole group of dancers wearing these sensors would sound very chaotic.

So please, Dear Readers, help me understand. Thank you.




[via quasiben]

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