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Slave Leia Car Wash for Charity


Oh my, a Slave Leia car wash! This was sponsored by G4’s Attack of the Show to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Very cool!

I bet they raised a BILLION dollars…

[via HeatVisionBlog]

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Iron Man 2: Suitcase Armor Fight Scene

If you don’t mind movie spoilers, here’s a great scene from Iron Man 2. We get to see the full “suitcase armor” transformation, along with a vicious battle between Tony Stark and Whiplash.

I can’t wait to see this movie!

In the 1994 Iron Man cartoon, Tony Stark had suitcase armor as well, but he had to assemble it himself. Here’s an interesting clip that compares the animated armor to version in the movie. See you in the theaters on May 7th!

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Conan O’Brien and Jim Carrey, Singing Superheroes

Well, this is just bizarre! Conan O’Brien wears a Superman costume, and sings a duet with Jim Carrey, who’s in a Kick-Ass costume.

As many of you may know, Conan is touring the U.S. with his live show. This? Not what I expected. Wow.

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Kingdom Hearts: Organization XIII Cosplay Guide

EDITS: OK, I’ve found some more places to get things, so I’ve updated the information on where to find coats, Axel’s wig and Zexion’s wig, as well as more general wig-getting places, and the one thing I forgot to throw into the mix–black gloves!

When I first came up with the idea to post this, it was with the intent of providing an easy Cosplay route for people who don’t want to spend a great deal of time getting a cosplay costume together.  I think I’ll be able to accomplish that, but at the same time I may even have something to offer you cosplayers with a little more time and experience, so please read on!

One of the hard truths of cosplay is that it’s going to generally either cost you time or money—or both.  I’m one of those who’s more willing to spend money than time, so I tend to commission costumes rather than make them myself.  This post is generally geared in that direction.

The Cosplay spotlight today is fixed firmly upon Kingdom Hearts II’s Organization XIII.  If you’re not familiar with them, I suggest checking out Wikipedia.

The nice thing about cosplaying one of the members of the notorious Organization XIII is that you can either stick to the basics or go all out, and convention goers will generally still know who you’re dressed up to be.  The base of ANY Organization XIII costume is, of course, the characteristic black coat (with the GIANT ZIPPER).

There are about a billion different versions of this coat available on the internet now.  This ebay seller is my favourite, as she makes a cotton version of the coat I haven’t found anywhere else—AND it’s made to the measurements you specify!

There’s also a pleather version of the coat available from the same seller.  I have owned the cotton one for four years running now and love it—it makes a great coat for normal wear!


There are people in the States who make these coats as well, and I was lucky enough to stumble across these guys yesterday. They do custom coats as well, and have the advantage of speaking English and not having to ship overseas! I’ve not been a fan of the faux-leather coat, but these guys–they make it look GOOD. Be ready to spend a little more, but it seems to be well worth it.

The next main part of the outfit is the black boots.  I wear a pair of English riding boots, but any low-heel black boot will do.  Remember that you may end up walking a good distance in these—pick something comfortable!  

Shineyblack boot CostcrazeMensbootWalkermens

The next basic piece is a pair of black gloves. Personally I prefer leather, but various fabric options work as well. Vinyl is also a good second-fiddle to leather.

If you’re not too concerned about being a specific character, guess what—once you have the coat, gloves and boots, you’re set!   Off to the con you go!  For the rest of you who are interested in being a specific member of the original Organization XIII, this next part will cover each character in more or less depth.

I would like to point something out, however, before we start: character designers are all guilty of the suspension of reality.  It’s all fine and good to doodle out a character and his insane, gravity defying hair or absurd weapon, but translating it into real life is sometimes extremely difficult, if not downright impossible.  What I’m trying to achieve here is not necessarily an EXACT likeness, but rather enough of a resemblance to provide verisimilitude to an already convincing costume.

Number I: Xemnas, the Superior of the In-Between


The fearless leader of Organization sports long luscious silver locks, styled in a fairly gravity defying manner.  He weilds two lightsaber-esque laser swords that seem to sprout from his palms and is generally a giant pain in the butt without even the shreds of a sense of humour. 

A specifically styled Xemnas wig is available from Cosplay Station:

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Real Life Crying Girl Painting


These photos have been around for a while, but I just barely came across them. A real life “Crying Girl” based on the famous Lichtenstein paintings. No, she doesn’t have the chicken pox… she’s pixelated.

This was made by makeup artist Karin Stone. Click on her name for a printable “How To” PDF file, if you’re interested in bringing to life your own Lichtenstein painting.







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Legend of Zelda: Zora Link Cosplay


Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous costume! This is Zora Link from The Legend of Zelda games. When Link puts on Zora’s mask, he takes this form.

Great work! So very classy.

In the end I never really kept track of the final amount, but I estimate this costume cost at least $300. Each part took a good amount of time-I would say that the helmet was probably the most difficult out of the entire costume. It was interesting trying to get the helmet to fit comfortably and get it to stay on my head without any problems (lots and lots of hidden velcro!). The hat is filled with poly-fill to give it a more full overall look.





[via Geekologie]

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White Bank Robber Wears Realistic Black Mask


What a sneaky bank robber! Conrad Zdzierak, who is white, successfully robbed several banks in Ohio while wearing a very expensive “Hollywood” mask to make him look black.

He had the cops completely fooled, and was only caught when his car was splattered with red dye — a boobytrap that was hidden in the stolen money.

“The suspect seen in the surveillance photographs and that we were looking for, we believed to be an African-American male. The suspect was actually a male, white, who was wearing an elaborate disguise,” Springdale, Ohio, Police Lt. Michael Mathis told WFTS.

Investigators believe Zdzierak likely removed the mask between the robberies in order to confuse the cops who believed they were looking a black man. The authorities caught a break when they spotted a Volvo with its interior splattered with red dye from a dye pack slipped into a bag used to hold the stolen money. Police found Zdzierak hiding in a motel bathroom.

“He wore what I’m calling a ‘Hollywood quality’ mask,” Mathis said. “These things cost $600-$700.”


Wow, what an awesome mask, it looks so life-like! But what a sneaky trick… I’m glad they caught him!

You can check out “The Player” on

Here’s a short video of the mask in action:

[NY Daily News via BoingBoing]

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Japanese Kids Surf in Dolphin Costumes

This is surprisingly cool. Japanese kids dress in dolphin costumes and then “surf” across giant plastic balls. Who came up with that idea?

Pretty amazing! These kids put on quite a show.

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