Two Men in a Rhinoceros Costume

Here’s a short, but interesting video of two men in a rhino costume struggling to walk in unison. I bet it’s harder than it looks!

What an amazing costume! It was made by Animal Makers, Inc. and currently appears at the Royal Court Theatre in London, England.

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3 Responses to Two Men in a Rhinoceros Costume

  1. Chajiko says:

    What they don’t seem to realize is that rhinos (and other quadrapeds) don’t usually walk in tandem like that–with both legs on a single side moving at once. They tend to move one foot at a time when walking, and when trotting move feet which are diagonal to each other! They need to go do some research :3

  2. ^ I have always wondered that. I’ve watched my dogs for a while, but they move too fast for me to figure out which legs are moving.

    I’m getting Ace Ventura flashbacks from this.

  3. Chajiko says:

    I learned it from watching–and sitting on–my horses. 🙂

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