Awesome Costume from C2-E2
April 19, 2010 conventions


Wow, this costume is totally amazing! Anyone know what it’s from? It sort of looks like a big spider-Jabba-the-Hutt-Frankenstein-thing. Very cool!

I spotted this costume on Marvel’s photo gallery of last weekend’s C2-E2 pop culture convention. They have lots of great photos from the Con, definitely worth checking out.

"2" Comments
  1. It’s Mojo! He’s the programmer/overlord of what is essentially a TV dimension. He is also gross.

  2. He’s Mojo, a villain from the X-Men comic. He rules a dimension names, of course, Mojoverse. He is the arch-rival of Longshot, who wears a black leather jump suit, and has a mullet of power.

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