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Principal Loses Bet, Wears Tutu to School


A school principal in Lacey, Washington wore a tutu to school after losing a bet. He promised his students that he would wear a tutu if the school could raise $3,000. I guess they really wanted to see him in a tutu, because the school raised almost $3,500.

True to his word, Randy Weeks donned a tutu and tiara and strutted around his campus. Here he is in all his glory.

What a principal! I bet the kids got a huge laugh out of this, and it’s great that they raised all of that money.


[via The Olympian]

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Meg Griffin Cosplay (from Family Guy)


LOL, it’s a real life Meg Griffin from Family Guy!

Great looking cosplay, but I’m not 100% sure it’s intentional. I kind of get the feeling that someone found that photo and said, “Hey she looks like Meg from Family Guy.”

So, to the woman in this photo: Great costume! And if it’s all a big misunderstanding… Sorry?

[via FilmDrunk]

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A Look into the Costumes of Alice in Wonderland

Here’s an interesting look into the costumes of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood talks about how the costumes were designed and shows some cool concept art and a bit of behind-the-scenes footage from the movie.

Wow, Colleen Atwood is impressive!

[via StitchKingdom]

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The Doggie Gaga Costume Project


Photographer Jesse Freidin wanted to toast 3 things: Dogs, Lady Gaga and old Polaroid film. So, using “two of the last remaining packs of Polaroid film in the world,” he dressed up dogs as Lady Gaga and the Doggie Gaga Project was born!

How funny. This might even be cooler than the Gaga Barbie dolls, it’s a close call. Don’t you just love the Internet?


Calling on his most creative friends to visit craft stores and design outfits, Freidin says the project was a great group effort. “We brought our dogs together, and decided which dogs would do best with which costumes, what costumes personified our dogs, and what each dog could sit through,” he explains.

Drawing inspiration from his love of Polaroid film — “it’s kind of like gold to me,” he says — Freidin photographed the dogs quite quickly. “I set up the camera, then the dog, and each sat for maybe 10 minutes,” he explains. “I got about three different shots per dog, and that was it.” Each dog who got the paparazzi treatment was copiously rewarded with treats, too.





[Doggie Gaga Project via PeoplePets]

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Recycled Bellydancer Costume


Check out this bellydancer costume, made from Superman bed sheets and pajamas! Quite possibly the coolest thing ever.

amber-elizabeth The city of Pittsburgh, PA recently held an event called the Re-Model Gala.

They focus on the use of “re-vamped, re-purposed & remarkable” costumes to promote environmental-friendly costuming and artisic recycling.

Our costume pal and superhero stylist, Elizabeth Amber, contributed to the event by making the bellydancer’s cape and sash out of her old superman bedsheets. The top and armbands were from an old dress shirt, and the pants were modified from a pair of old pajamas.

So. Very. Cool! What a fun and unique way to use costuming for a good cause. Well done, Amber!






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All the Single Ladies, Put a Costume on It

I should probably apologize in advance for this post. But once I started searching Youtube, it was hard to stop.

LOL, what else is there to say? If you liked it then you should have put a costume on it.

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ThatCostumeGirl is a Bond Girl


Move over, Bond Girls, there’s a new player in town! Meet Lotta Buteé, the newest and loveliest of the Bond girls.

ThatCostumeGirl had some fun with an old prom dress and put together a nice photoshoot. Great job!

A forgotten bow tie from a certain spy, a USB drive, and Champagne made great accessories. You could be a Bond Girl too. You’ll need a formal dress or snazzy suit. Raid the closet or visit a thrift store for a gown. If you go with the suit, your hair should be in a twist and you might need glasses and a briefcase. A garter would be a fantastic addition. Making up a ridiculous name is the best part.





[via ThatCostumeGirl]

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Batman Mask for Cats


Here’s a very stylish Batman mask for cats! Batman looks so cool with large, glowy cat eyes. This is a great photo!

[via Geekologie]

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