Superhero Costume Geddan

This looks like so much fun! Superheroes from Costume Craze did a Geddan dance. Get Down!

Head on over to their Blog to view a bunch of cool superhero photos from their video shoot.



Edit: I wanted to mention — This is Chajiko in this photo! She’s a costume guru and welcome contributor to MyDisguises. Doesn’t she look awesome as The Flash? What a fun photo.


Here are a few more costumed geddan videos. There are a ton of these on Youtube, how funny. The last video by Know Your Meme explains this odd phenomenon quite well.

If you watch all of these videos, beware: The song will be stuck in your head for days. And the only way to get it out is to make your own geddan!

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One Response to Superhero Costume Geddan

  1. Chajiko says:

    This was SO much fun to do!! I can’t wait for the next thing like it :3

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