The Doggie Gaga Costume Project


Photographer Jesse Freidin wanted to toast 3 things: Dogs, Lady Gaga and old Polaroid film. So, using “two of the last remaining packs of Polaroid film in the world,” he dressed up dogs as Lady Gaga and the Doggie Gaga Project was born!

How funny. This might even be cooler than the Gaga Barbie dolls, it’s a close call. Don’t you just love the Internet?


Calling on his most creative friends to visit craft stores and design outfits, Freidin says the project was a great group effort. “We brought our dogs together, and decided which dogs would do best with which costumes, what costumes personified our dogs, and what each dog could sit through,” he explains.

Drawing inspiration from his love of Polaroid film — “it’s kind of like gold to me,” he says — Freidin photographed the dogs quite quickly. “I set up the camera, then the dog, and each sat for maybe 10 minutes,” he explains. “I got about three different shots per dog, and that was it.” Each dog who got the paparazzi treatment was copiously rewarded with treats, too.





[Doggie Gaga Project via PeoplePets]

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